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Bear Exhibit
The Bear Exhibit has salmon in a stream and a large Alaskan Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear and a Russian Bear.   Also featured in this area are Moose, Caribou, Four-Horned Sheep, Grizzly Bears and Elk.  (read more...)
Arctic Exhibit
The caribou, polar bear, Russian bear, lynx, arctic foxes,musk ox and walrus are at home on the icy tundra of the Arctic room.  Especially adapted to the harsh sub-zero temperatures of their habitat, these animals live i  (read more...)
Africa Exhibit
Our African Exhibit features a Cape Buffalo, White Rhino and Lion as well as many other animals from the Weinheimer and McManus collections.       (read more...)
Jungle Exhibit
The Jungle Exhibit recreats a typical rain forest where the Jaguar, Anaconda, Leopard and Bengal Tiger seem at home.    (read more...)
Rocky Mountain Exhibit
The Rocky Mountain exhibit features a mountain ridge that is home to a Mountain Goats, Stone Sheep, Mountain Lions and a Black Bears.  (read more...)
South Texas Exhibit
Visitors can view the different animals found in the South Texas area in the Texas Exhibit that features an Armadillo, Red Tail Hawk, Bobcat as well as many others.  (read more...)
The Waterfowl in this exhibit are migratory birds which may be seen in the coastal plains from October to March.  The harvested fields of rice, corn, and maize, as well as the marshes, swamps, mud flats, and shallow lakes provide food and water   (read more...)
Hump Lures
Our museum is host to a collection of Hump Lures.

Earl F. (hump) and Dorothy Humphreys began manufacturing fishing lures in El Campo, Texas in 1955.  Hump Lures... "Don't get bumps, catch fish with Humps"... proved so effective at catching fish that they soon became a fast-selling   (read more...)
Seashells Collection

The 600 different species in Mrs, Verda Boyle's collection are only examples of the wonder and majestic beauty of nature's handiwork.  Their exquisite shade of rainbow colors, the marvelously symmetrical patterns t  (read more...)

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