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In 1972, Dr. and Mrs. E.A. Weinheimer donated the animal trophies he had acquired on various Big Game Hunts to the City of El Campo.  They included in their donation the building which had housed his first medical clinic, which was remodeled to accommodate his collection as well as the El Campo Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber became the caretakers of the collection, although the city retained ownership.  

In 1978, the Chamber of Commerce encouraged a group of volunteers to apply for the charter to become the El Campo Museum of Art, History, and Natural Science.  The museum board of directors adopted a mission statement and set the goal to develop the collection into a museum-quality presentation of the animals in replicas of their natural habitats and environments.  Local volunteers, many of whom were artists, researched, planned, and produced a visual habitat for animals grouped geographically, using landscape murals and replicas of natural settings.

Exhibits being completed during this period were the African and Arctic Exhibits in 1978, and the Great Cats Jungle Exhibit in 1979.  The exhibits, as well as the Waterfowl Exhibit of the mid-1980s, attracted visitors to the Museum and membership began to grow.

The Museum became known locally for its elaborate display of Christmas decorations, and Santa Claus became a seasonal favorite for the young and old who came to visit.  The Museum became established as a permanent cultural and educational resource in the area.  

In 1989 the City of El Campo opened a new Civic Center and the Museum moved to its present location in the Center.  Original murals of the African and Waterfowl Exhibits, as well as all of the trophy animals were also moved, and new dioramas were built.

In 1991, a popular Texas Exhibit of animals native to South Texas was added as well as the Alaskan Brown Bear Exhibit..  In March 2013 the Museum received over 400 mounts from Steve McManus of the Nature and Wildlife Museum. We added horns, antlers, skulls, skins, shoulder mounts as well as life size mounts to our Museum - tripling our size.

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